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Education Improvement Grant Organizations (EIGOs) specifically contribute their funding to Oklahoma  public schools, ensuring all districts have the support they need for innovative programming. Scholarship-Granting Organizations (SGOs) grant scholarships to students accepted to qualifying private schools. Both SGOs and EIGOs are beneficial to the Oklahoma Taxpayer donor.

No, Forming Lives OK EIGO is an Education Improvement Grant Organization and can only award funds to public schools in the state of Oklahoma.

Contributions to Forming Lives OK EIGO are held at First United Bank and Trust in an account designated solely for the purpose to award funds to qualified public schools for innovative educational programs.

The scholarship act requires that each EIGO disperse at least 90% of the money it receives each calendar year as grants for eligible schools during the following academic year, with no more than 10% of contributions available to pay administrative costs.

You can review the specific statue (68 Okla. Stat. §2357.206) here.  The Oklahoma Tax Commission, which is responsible for carrying out the statue, is another good source of information. Visit http://www.ok.gov/tax/.

There are two ways to give:

  1. Complete our online donation form.
  2. Download a contribution form and submit to info@okeigo.org. Once approved, you can mail in your donation with the contribution form to P.O. Box 721265, Norman, Oklahoma, 73070.
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Forming Lives OK EIGO is a recognized 501(c)(3) not for profit organization. As such, your contribution also qualifies The Internal Revenue Service as a charitable tax deduction contribution.